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Swedish Lapland- action and adventure in snow and ice

For everyone who can't get enough of action and adventure, Swedish Lapland is the perfect incentive destination!

Slip and grip training in a racing car, snow mobile rides through the wilderness, a night in a lodge without running water and electricity, ice slides, a ride on an icebreaker with a following swim in the icy sea - your clients will definitely not have a lack of adrenalin!

But in between there are of course possibilities to relax and have more comfort - some hotels include a sauna and spa area and delicious food to enjoy with a good glass of wine!

Another highlight of this incentive trip is the visit of  husky farm with a following sledge ride through the largeness of Swedish Lapland, where the silence is only broken by the panting of the dogs and the sound of the skids in the snow.

People who have a passion for action and nature will adore this incentive destination! Let us inspire you!


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