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Incentive Travel

Wikipedia says:

"Travel incentives are a reward subset of an incentive, recognition or a loyalty program, which is a business tool used to change behavior to improve profit, cash flow, employee engagement and customer engagement."

The english word „incentive“ derives from the latin verb „incendere“ and has the meaning of a bonus which will be given for instance when a certain goal is reached to motivate and encourage employees or to thank clients for their loyalty.

Incentive travel: the biggest attribute is the leisure-oriented character of this travel which makes the difference to a usual business travel. It is an instrument to motivate people and therefore increase work input, loyalty and commitment to a company or a brand and to promote the sales of products.

For us incentive trips are extraordinary - just as they are for you as our customer. We put all our energy, experience and diligence in planning and organizing this special journey for you to make sure that the memories of it will stay in the heads of your customers or employees for a lifetime!

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